Publishing to Multiple Platforms

So, why are Legendary Monkey Magic publishing games to so many platforms, from retro to modern?

Well, the answer is simple. The founder has a passion for retro gaming and with the advent of 8-bit / 16-bit style games coming to modern platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox and the Switch… there is clearly a demand and why not support all you can?

On this page will be asset examples supporting those platforms for enthusiasts to make their own boxes, cartridges, labels etc.

The Nintendo 64 version of Time Knights utilizes the GB64 emulation wrapper written by James D Lambert.

Essentially, it takes the Time Knights Gameboy Color rom and the GB64 emulator and places them together into a single .n64 file.

When run on real hardware, the N64 auto loads the rom via the GB64 emulator.

Currently, this is available for real hardware only (emulators on PC etc. do not work) and requires an N64 Everdrive. In the future, I will be attempting to write the game to an N64 cart directly.

Prototype Box
Cartridge Label and Full Box Schematic

To run Time Knights on the Sega Dreamcast, we take advantage of the DC Auto Port by Ian Michael.

DC Auto Port takes the gnuboy emulator that allows the Dreamcast to run Game Boy games and then auto loads initial images whilst loading and then runs the GB/GBC rom.

CD Label AND BOX Schematic